Monday, April 8, 2013


To the person who presented five Post-its on that fateful day at the Palma Hall
To my sisters, the ladies who taught me how to beso, wear dresses, and actually watch chick flicks
To my brothers. the gentlemen, who encouraged me to play football, Ultimate, and the guitar
To the old Thursday that actually believed that I lead a church in worship, let alone sing, and continued believing during the difficult times
To Aniday that helped me undergo the terrifying process of job interviews and employment
To the adventure buddies who ran from zombies, climbed walls, did crazy exhibitions at swimming pools
To the leaders who fought for, established, and protected its members
To the youngsters who challenged me to be an "Ate", a role model who would look out for them
To my Ate's and Kuya's who patiently bore with my immaturity and saw who I could be beyond it
To my second family that assured me of an eternal friendship and a lifetime journey towards delighting in God.

Thank you.
I celebrate every day because of you. :)

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