Thursday, January 26, 2012

So much going on for the college

My college is really diverse. I know that we're for the social sciences and philosophy. But sometimes it's as if we're totally different. Politically, socio-economically, ideologically, physically, behaviorally, et cetera. It's hard finding a common ground and be united. I heard someone said we're pretty much like hipsters who don't like going with the flow. Well, what else would you expect from a hipster-ish category such as social science? Haha. In a place where everybody meets (Palma Hall), you could see various tastes mixing in a small pot.

I'm a little proud of my org right now. Haha, sorry. It has been around in less than a year, but we have gone so far. It pioneered a lot of firsts in the college that once were left to our own, such as job fairs, career talks, resume books and things as such. When I was first invited to join the organization (way back when it has no name yet), I thought, "Well it's about time!" It's about time for us to be open to looking forward to our careers and providing alternatives in terms of our discipline. It excites me, to be honest.

Here are some of the things lined up for the last week of January and the first week of February:


Go CSSP. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Mazda in the middle
I spent the Chinese New Year in Binondo, which is the "Manila Chinatown". What better way to celebrate it? Mazda was kind enough to tour us around his neighborhood and give us a glimpse of its culture and festivities.

Din, me, Trizia, Ryuh, Dee... Mazda took the photo
This is my second time in Binondo. This time I learned more about the place, like it used to be the center of jewelry-selling, and that you could probably get more discounts if you speak or are Chinese. Also, how the price of land here is expensive that it practically filters out some people

I wish I could taste one of these!
We spent a lot of time going in shops and buying food / pasalubong. At first I was hesitant to take my camera out in such a crowded a.k.a. crime-attractive place. But I had to take the risk to capture it. Later on I saw a lot of people doing so too.
There were dragon dances and fire cracker belts on every street!


Busy streets and floods of red shirts
To Binondo Church
A vendor selling dragon toys
Lion dance
Juice at Mazda's home
Went back for more

We just had to try this

The Tea ice cream! First time I've tasted such. Yummy.
Thank you Mazda! Kiong Hee Hwat Tsai!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Change towns again?

I live in Rizal because my mom teaches nearby. She teaches nearby because it allows us some discount on the tuition fee for our education. In fact she has invested on it for years. Ask my brothers. My Kuya has studied in this place since grade school up until he's now a law student. I, on the other hand, only experienced it for two years. But basically my life revolves around this place. This is where my parents met, got married and where they planned to educate us.

Now mom's leaving.

I am almost graduating, and my brothers will stay in the school for three more years, give and take. That should be enough for my dad to pay for. Now Mom is opening her doors that she has closed for years. She deserves it. But this entails moving back to my hometown, which is Cavite.

I know Rizal far more than Cavite despite my short-term stay here. This is the place I got to study nearby. During my grade school years all I ever did was travel back and forth the city and the province. This time I could afford late nights, overnights, dinners and more unfathomable things before.

It is also close to UP, which is my second home. That's where my lifetime friends are too, and I plan for them to meet my future family someday. It's all rooted now, but is threatening to be uprooted.

Thank God I'm a little older now and about to graduate because I have choice. If this choice would be followed, it would be NOT to go back to Cavite but still live in the city. Maybe not Rizal, but depending on where I will work, which is probably be in Metro Manila! I'm not about to tie myself down with work, though. Plan my life entirely around it. It's just that there are more opportunities there. 

The mere thought of saying this terrifies me. Usually I am confident about new beginnings and fresh starts, but this one is different, more difficult because I'll be independent in doing this. Mom will make her choice and I have to make mine. Maybe it's about time for me to start something new by myself. What a gut to say this when I can't even cook... but... this decision will be my own. I'm relieved I could even afford to make it.

Random P.S.
One of the things that puzzle me is when people don't say thank you. It's such an easy word to say to the point that it's already cliche, and yet... some people just forget. :|

Friday, January 20, 2012

Take it from my MBB Professor

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

The subject I thought would endanger my life. Starts at 8:30 at some new place. The course title itself. But look at me, I haven't been absent even ONCE! For someone who only signs for attendance at Economics a year ago, this was a feat!

The subject is no joke, and so is the Professor. My seatmate and I are really good friends already. Joy and I enjoys how our nose bleeds at the scientific terms and the life-threatening trivia he gives. This morning, he asked:

Prof: Do you know anyone close to your family who has died of cancer?
Class: (silent)
Prof: No? Well, you will, soon.
Me :-|
I have always loved Biology. I'm not well-versed with it. But like a little kid, it was a complicated, mysterious magic trick unfolding right before my eyes. Piques my interest to explore how God created humans using some sort of code that we are trying to decipher. His words today were inspiring.

"Before you go, here's my little editorial for you today. (Class hushes) Don't waste your time!

Your brain is at its optimal level to learn a new language, to master a mathematical concept, to be educated in a wide variety of subjects... By the time you are 26 years old, you brain will slow down significantly. So don't waste your time playing video games! Now is the time to learn."

Yes. Science and inspiration can be put together.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thesis worries


A few weeks ago, I was almost sure that I will pass my thesis. Four weeks is long enough to gather data and actually write the paper. Things should be breezy.

But today, I felt downright sad after photocopying a reading because it seems like my thesis isn't taking shape. I wanted to do this, this and this but there's just not much time left! (!!!!!!!!!...) *Sigh*

The "no Plan B" mentality is on shaky foundation. What if I don't graduate because of this thesis?

Sometimes I don't know who to ask help from. Everyone is either too troubled or too uninvolved (meaning: I don't know how they'll help me either!)

Please, I need this essential step. I need my thesis to take shape soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do not be that kind of woman

Dear future self,

I know I have been in this world for less than two decades. You probably know more than I do. But let me just remind you of the kind of woman that I do not want you to be. Although these have their reasons, still strive not to be the kind of woman who...

  • Gives each person who hurt you a silent treatment. Don't keep them guessing. If they don't know it, gather the courage and gentleness to actually tell them where it hurted. I'm sure you will get a better apology if you say things outright.
  • Does not give anyone the chance. People will be kind if you give them a chance. Stop assuming that people are mean or will take advantage of you if you let your guard down. 
  • Blames everyone for her misery. You get unhappy over your life every once in a while. Sometimes it may feel like you are not doing anything productive and you are not reaching your potential because someone happened to stop you. That may be true. Yet you have the choice. You hold the permission. Stop blaming yourself and others and start moving on to improve.
  • Is too cold. Do not let love drain out from you. Humans need touch and humans need meaningful relationships. We all dream of having someone to take care of us, yet we tend to excuse ourselves from that responsibility.
  • Cannot laugh at herself. You always tell yourself you're too silly, but this is probably one of the things you should not lose. Don't take yourself seriously. Learn to poke fun at yourself because you're quirky like that.
  • Lost hope. If ever you are going through difficult situations, look at the brighter side. Look at tomorrow and its promises; the present and its blessings. Look at the word of God for consolation.
  • Possesses a green eye.  If you think you're less pretty, less happy, less successful, less put-together, less fortunate, (which you probably are not) then that's the lie you will continue to believe. Don't.
  • Misses out on novelty. There are a lot of things good for the soul: a refreshing conversation with a stranger, finding new places to eat, travelling to unfamiliar faces, unearthing something or someone's origin, appreciating beauty in all its forms and discovering God's purpose and work in your life.
  • Refuses to forgive. Be it small instances when you get overtaken in a line or treated unfairly, or deep-rooted hurt and pain you have been keeping underneath. This is one of the most difficult lessons to learn, as I myself am trying to learn not to mutter something evil under my breath. Acknowledge the difficulty and deal with it. Don't let it simmer.
  • Loses self-control. It feels good sometimes to lose control and let your passion be. Party every night, seek relationships you know will not last, sleep unnecessarily late, procrastinating, saying more words than you mean, abusing your body, tormenting yourself over the past, over-spending and more. Very tempting indeed, and sometimes even a lot of people will cheer you on to do them. But don't. Hold on to who you are.
I could probably think of more items, but for now this is what entered my mind. I hope you find it in your heart to listen to the younger woman of your past.

The shoutout I wanted to publish on Facebook
but opposed to the idea for some reason.


And there's a huge gap between this and that time, which are

1) My thesis
2) Other subjects
3) That INC that my Prof still hasn't FIXED!
4) God's will

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lazy Mornings, Busy Nights

Christmas gift for the dorm owners

Some gifts from college friends
Friend's condo morning after the Christmas party

Blue and green

Yes we do own a cat. Cute twins at that

Santa cupcake

Munching on strawberries

Made my own milk tea. I do my own latte too. Haha.
Some snippets from December to January. The transition from easy breezy to really busy.

I like staying indoors on some days. "Some days" being the operative word. Sometimes being inside the house may drive me crazy. But I usually cherish the times when I'm alone my room like I am now. Radio on the floor playing. The little mess on my bed. Locked door. Cold breeze from the fan. And the tapping of my laptop's keyboard. The night life just before the school week starts again.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Job Fairs Galore

Click photos for the pages. Note that some of these are college-specific.

Right about this month, a lot of organizations in UP are busy managing and promoting job fairs. These are the place to be on the lookout for a potential job after graduation or internship during the summer. It's the first time I will ever participate in these. And my pride is not too high to actually do it.

Remember how I told you before that I hate the thought of looking for a job? Resume-writing for me seemed like listing down all the specifications you have, like a laptop, and then selling yourself to big-time companies hoping you'll stand out in a sea of paper. The thought of applying only to get a boss is a nuisance. Why have I decided to join job fairs, then?

There is a change of heart. Or should I say, a change of mindset about things. In support-raising seminar last summer, we were taught that looking for support does not mean you are begging them for money. It is introducing them to the mission and inviting them to take part. Job-hunting probably is much like that. I see it as a way for me to reach people and show them what I can offer. It is not that I am begging them to take me in and pay me monthly or something. With humility, it is negotiating for me to benefit them and for me also to learn with them. Two-way.

While I was studying branding for our semestral "Marketing and Branding Seminar" at PRO, I read that selling will be outdated someday. Buying would take over. Does it sound the same to you? I learned the difference immediately. Haha. It means that you don't go out selling yourself anymore. You be a hell of an offer and they will go and buy you.

I think this is a much healthier perspective because it is a long-run mindset. To be honest, it's not much of the money that I'm looking for. I'm good at handling finances and never got broke in my life. I think what I'm really looking for in this year of job-searching is a very rich learning experience.

Like most students, I have gotten tired of school that I can't even bring up the thought of going back (read: Graduate studies or even Law). The only time I considered them was because I was a chicken thinking she has nowhere to go. Lots of people feel limited by their courses but I refuse to believe that. Sociology is my formal training, but it and life has trained me for other things too.

It's definitely an answered prayer after crying out of fear a few months before at the thought of being hurled "out there" in a place unknown and on my own. Now I'm more comfortable at the thought. My heart and mind and plate is open for whatever feast that would be served.

Now if you'll excuse me...

From my org, UP PRO-CSSP
(UP Profession and Career Enhancement
for the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maginhawa Street Adventures: Van Gogh is Bipolar

One of the things included in the UP Life Bucket List I have in mind is to go on adventures at Maginhawa Street, which I would describe as an entire line of restaurants that are unconventional, out of the box. You may as well call them little hipster places to eat where you combine food with a unique concept (art!).

One of the my dream places to eat there is Van Gogh is Bipolar. I've seen the place and its chef featured on TV. What intrigued me was the organic food selected to improve your mood. The novelty of the place and its owner brings it all together.

Last Thursday, on a whim, I was able to go there with Jilley, my food-trip girlfriend.

The comfort room

We were asked to remove our shoes as we enter the lair of who could be the Mad Hatter himself. The interior was out of this world, not to exaggerate! They usually ask people to reserve at night, but since we were first timers, he allowed us to do a walk-in. Tea was free at that night--what a luck! Alas, the spontaneity of it all... I left my camera at home. I see that he changes the interiors from time to time. Here are photos from the Facebook page.

Clock projection. That's the chair I sat it
No fluorescent lights here
We ate on a "sewing machine" table
The self-service tea table

To be updated. I promise to return and give it the proper documentation it deserves. :)