Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shutterhappy Wannabes

Can I just say that just about every teenager seems to want to have a DSLR of some sort? I didn't even know that average, normal, non-pro kids could actually yield good photos with these intimidating machines or something until I was in college.

Ral and I, since Christmas, have been asking Dad to buy us one and that we can share, willing to set aside our differences and possessiveness, just to get a hand at them. But of course though Dad promised, it never did happen (the "canvassing" period is really just "stalling" haha). Fast forward six months and we started looking for a bargain on our own. He found an online shop with decent prices (lower than mall prices by a staggering 5K!) AND the search for the "it" DSLR began. I've read a huge load of articles and reviews about recommended DSLRs for beginners and have come to a choice of a ~dun dun dun~ Nikon D3100.

I can't tell you how much I've gone crazy comparing Nikon to Canon and Canon to Nikon. I'm limiting my options to the two because they are the more popular brands of DSLRs, which means I could probably trade secrets with friends who have similar "gears". Jethro gave that advice, that I should also consider what most of my friends have while another site said that I should determine what I liked shooting. Twice I've heard that Canon is good for indoor photography while Nikon, outdoor.

Most reviews I've read are in favor of Nikon D3100 against its counterparts Canon 1100D, 500D and even 550D (all of which are more expensive). Over and over they say that D3100 is good camera for a beginner, a plus that it has a built-in Guide Mode. However, the decision became more difficult because I know a lot of good photographic friends who wield Canon and produce really nice pictures. I mean, really. But before I could change my mind, reviews reassured me of the Nikon, so THIS is the official choice.

Am I excited? I'm such a nut when it comes to spending on luxury goods because our parents never really wanted us to be luxurious (with a good point, at this early age). But just to stop that itch, to seal that memory and to credit that photo taken from another camera to myself, I guess I'm splurging. Lubusin na. Teehee.

Links to help you!
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PS try learning also the anatomy of a DSLR and the camera jargon. Research also about lens compatibility if you're planning to take your photography up a notch later on. Details are quite amusing. *geek*

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Notebook Method

During high school most of us had different notebooks for every subject, but you don't need to do that in college since most of the time your professor will not have to clue you in that you should write down notes. YOU SHOULD. It took a few years before I developed a so-called "notebook method" in college, which is a system (YEEEES) that I found more efficient for me in terms of utilizing notebooks. Before, I have tried:

1. Binders
These are notebooks with separate mini-notebooks called fillers that you basically refill every semester. It's not helpful. It forces you to limit your notes into a certain amount that the filler can accommodate. At the same time, there are a LOT of subjects that don't require much note-taking such as Literature classes (wherein you do more writing papers than writing notes). You'll be wasting more leaves-slash-paper-slash-TREES (!) using these

2. Notebooks with separators
This stuck to me until I was a sophomore because it seemed efficient. You have everything in one notebook, but similar to binders, limited notes! You have to write the continuation of your notes to another paper when you exceed the space allowed (as you journey longer to college, you'll write more and more notes for a single subject HAHA). Most notebooks with separators are also limited to about four to five separators, which means you have to get another one for your other subjects. So I take it back, you don't have everything in one notebook!

3. One for all
Worst decision. Two sems ago, I bought only one notebook for all my subjects and instead of using the notebooks dividers, I simply marked where I stopped writing. So at one page, you can see (e.g.) Economics, my subject in the morning, and below, Sociology something, separated by a line. It's a mess. I don't know where my notes are. Haha. But it led me to my ultimate choiceeeee! :

**One for all + Post-its!***
In my course, we are required to go through TONS of readings (in fact we don't have a single book! Every professor has a different combination of sources, thus the ridiculously long list of readings). I learned last semester that instead of highlighting, I should take down notes for future reference, such as a research paper or my future thesis that might need some citation. Every time I read journal articles, I paraphrase or direct quote (complete with the ""'s) and put the page number on the notebook, complete with the description of the book (author, year, the APA stuff). I keep these notes in one notebook and put color-coded post-its on the side for easier reference. So for my future subjects that will need research, I have a backup and don't have to fish through old readings!

teehee nice picture

Where did the notes go? I place them below the readings if they are related. :)

So I don't know if you understood anything that I just typed, but I hope it gave you an idea next time you write notes! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nestle 100 Years Short Film Anthology: Top 4!

Last night, two of my friends and I watched 10 commercials in the cinemas, for free!

Just kidding.

They were films about, on the undertone, living on a daily basis with Nestle products, and from the moment I saw its commercial on the boob tube, I knew I wanted to watch the 10 (without knowing where). Something about these short, idealistic life-illustrating films catch our attention. And so out of 10 here are my top four! Click the links to see the trailer

4. Cooking Mo, Cooking Ko

Three words: Romeo and Juliet, except that it was Romina and Julius. And they speak in iambic pentameters (no, of course not) / in rhymes. Best would be the fight scenes! Haha

3. Oh! PaRa Sa Ta U Wa Yeah!

From the polls at the Nestle's Facebook page, this is a huge hit because it was a musical on how to win a girl (a continuation of Nestea's hit TV commercial about Nicos courting Mattina). That is, singing in ABCDs twice. Can you see the emerging theme? What usually sells. Loooooove

2. Sali-Salita

This is almost the best film for me because of the surrealism of the story within the story. A hunky, macho guy in a kid's voice, a computer robot (cool!) and a yaya-turned-witch (whom I voted the Best Extra). This is for all those who have too-busy moms. The ending was catchy, although I expected it to be tearful but it wasn't. Haha. I don't like the poster that much, because as you can see, it doesn't tell much about the story (and the can is obviously Nido). The title wasn't memorable as well. Great film just the same :)

1. Tingala sa Baba

Question is: How do you get a plump kid on top of the seesaw when on the other end is a skinny one?

The setting was simple: a school playground where a rich kid (Renzo) plays with a poor child on the seesaw. From the eyes of authorities, Renzo was a snobbish brat. But on the playground, he was generous and hopeful that someday he would experience that natural high of being on top. In the end, he does get that glorious arm-raising moment. The ending made a mark, most of all, when Renzo smashed his butt on the seesaw, and as he was looking over his shoulder at his playmate, there was some sort of a sweet, mutual satisfaction that friendship brings. I could still remember it how he looked like. (And how those cheeks looked so juicy).

If you could write a short film around a product, what would be your plot? :)

Instinctive Self-contradiction

Youtube stars like Kevjumba and Happyslip, and I think Nigahiga have other channels aside from their famous ones. At first this struck me as odd: you are famous, you can say anything, you get views, and likes, more people are inclined to agree with you . . . why else would you make up some sort of an inferior channel in terms of views and subscribers?

Because these new channels weren't for anybody's entertainment, that's why. It's their own space to breathe away from the spotlight and just be themselves and hope you'd still like them. Kevjumba described his then-new channel, Jumbafund as "having lesser expectations" from the audience, and to my delight, Happyslip's christinegambito started sharing things about her real family more than what she popularly impersonate!

Many times I myself have tried creating "other" "secret" blogs (and actually earlier this midnight I almost created one!) because I would like to deviate from what I usually... am, or at least detach from the outside. There are just days when you want the world to know, but not want the world to know you said it (yet some of you daydream about being like anyway just being yourself!). Or there are certain frustrations you wanted to deal with, but haven't yet, and just want to lay all the pieces on the floor and deal with them later. Leave them there just for now and come back when you're better. Otherwise, who is your fearsome audience?

The fact that I come face to face frequently lately is how imperfect I am (surprise!). It's all over the place. Maybe it shouldn't even be called imperfection, but something more negative since imperfection is only falling short of perfection. Flaws written all over me, let's say. Ugly flaws. Flaws at home, with friends, in public and in my head. I would like for others to see them as decent, positive, enlightening piece. The After instead of the Before, since "I ought to have that figured out". I even wanted to show how great Jesus is but then again I am not as great as he is so don't focus on me! Maybe that's what Youtube celebrities feel: This funny guy you're watching, getting millions of hits isn't always as brilliant as he is. He can also be like this and this and /other drama

#whether I have justified new blogs and new channels or have criticized them, I can't say.

Taking a good look at yourself and not seeing what you like is both bad and good, really. Bad because you can be discouraged. Good because you give room for hope.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Huling Hirit sa Tag-init!

Tumbang preso

Some of my churchmates organized a short anything-goes type of summer outing during the weekends. Ate Danielle offered their family friend's rest house in Tagaytay, which is just a few minutes away from my hometown so I hopped in! The ladies came a day earlier than the guys so that we can have that girl bonding, and it was amazing when I realized that some of us are either on the latter years of college, have just graduated, job-hunting, working, raising support for being a Staff, even married, etc. In short: OLD! Haha just kidding. In short, at the brink of some really big changes in our lives. There are just so many things about to transpire within a few days and to have some sort of a preparation, relaxation and affirmation time is great!
Despite belonging to different house churches, being with them has been so much fun. As Ate Tanya said, we are like one big barkada (and we are!). By the time the guys arrived the next day, we started playing street games like the street kids that we are. Even to the point of star-gazing and swimming later. Ate Cheng and I also had some serious talks on the bus home. She's one of my favorite people to talk to. Haha! :) Quality time y'all.

Now on to the first semester. :)