Saturday, April 30, 2011

How God provides

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to blog about support raising. The journey to it was a bit filled with passive worry. I wished I didn't. But right now at a vantage point, I can really testify (or be one of those who testify!) that God is faithful to his servants. The most amazing thing happened, that in a span of a week, my support is almost complete! For, like, more than a month I've been waiting for support raising to pick up because it was stuck to a certain, but when I finally relaxed and relied on God, what was sown was reaped at the right time. Next week is the time to turn over our support, and the fear that I only have less than 10% of the amount to give is gone!

I am especially thankful of the people who supported me. Really. When I counted hthem, I realized how many they are. Not including the prayers that people have offered for the mission and for me, I can't say how apt the term "support" raising is. I am definitely excited for Hybrid. I don't know what to expect, but Tita Rachel gave me a little-big clue today: "You will never be the same again." I feel completely accountable to everyone who support me, and if there is Internet connection there, I would probably blog about it or write about everyday in Manado. How glorious this mission would be, I couldn't even guess. Thank you, Lord. You are amazing, I'm continuously at awe with you.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

May is almost here

I've been trying to write lately. But I just can't get the words out. Something short and simple:

> Holy Week was spent in Laguna and Quezon where my relatives are at. My brothers and I finally had quality time with our cousins, both first- and second-. We stayed at my Tita's place called the White House basically because its facade was inspired from the Presidential House in the US, so you could only imagine that it was beautiful. There we spent mornings eating breakfast together like a big family. Hopefully these kinds of relationship will be maintained until we grow older

Lunch at a balsa in Pandin Lake

> Kuya is heartbroken. He just broke up with his girlfriend for almost six years and then she's engaged to another one suddenly. Wow. I can't even grasp how painful that was for him. I just pray that from heartbreak something amazing that would pick him up would happen. Hopefully it's an Encounter. Since it's summer I am more "there for him". The timing is relatively good. If he was on law school and that kind of thing happened, I don't know how he could survive studying and being away from the family and everything. Please pray for him.

>Support raising has been rewarding lately, and that is more than the money factor. I received support from one of my closest friends. I have shared to her before and we had Bible studies for a while, but she studies from another school so we weren't able to continue. What was touching is that we're both students and we know we don't have that much money aside from what comes from our allowances. But when she gave me her support, I was really touched because somehow I knew that she's not merely supporting me, as her friend, but also the cause. I pray that something within her was moved to support this movement

Mom will also support me! :) As a teenager, she was active at church and everything, but I never got to see that side of her until I got involved at church myself because she converted when she got married and she was afraid that her children would be confused if she let us on camps (aww you shouldn't have worried that much, Mom, haha). My Dad won't, I think, and if he ever will, I think I have to make it clear that this is not just an overseas trip but a mission.

My passport's here too!

>We'll be having a photoshoot on Sunday with a person I don't really know, but I trust her. For the longest time Flaired has been planning to have a wedding-themed photoshoot for a magazine but there was just too much detail to be secured. We had to find photographers and sync our schedules. We have to find a location where we can fix the hair and pose at the same time. We have to find clothes, wedding dresses. We have to do our own make-up or find a make-up artist. It was crazy. I don't think it will ever push through until I met a customer who volunteered to be the hairstylist, make-up artist and photographer. Additionally, she volunteered her place, so you could only imagine the amount of trust she's given us. I can't wait to meet her and she said the feeling was mutual.  What an answered prayer :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Round Manila


As what I've said in my previous blog, I'm usually at home during the past weeks of summer. I go to school for meetings and football and recently Ate Toni taught me a little about Photoshop. I go to malls with my Dad and my brothers' dorm but that's about it. Last Saturday, my high school friends and I went around Manila. I never knew this was practical since Manila is relatively near compared to going to commonly visited places such as Laguna or Batangas. The only down factor was the air pollution and the transportation because we decided against a car pool to get the full field trip experience.

Bus in the morning. We almost didn't want to wake up
Spell FAIL?
Unfortunately the Pasig Ferry Boat is currently under assessment so we jumped into the National Museum which houses some of the most important (first) artifacts and (after lunch) galleries in the country. I have to admit that I've never been there for years. When you're a kid and you have a field trip you don't really remember much. I did. Except the Spoliarium which I learned (aha! moment) was the "backstage" of gladiatorstuff during the Roman times. Wesley really helped. He's an interior design major so he knows his stuff (I kind of felt ashamed to be honest HAHAHA). Binondo was where we had lunch. TAKE NOTE OF THIS. We found a nice Chinese restaurant in Chinatown named WaiYing. I can still remember how my food (below) tasted. I wanna invite the family there.

Roasted Duck with Soy Chicken Rice

Posing between the renovations

After church/cathedral hopping, we went around Intramuros. It was my first time there and it reminds me of the Vigan trip last year because of its vintage style. Unfortunately, Fort Santiago was closed.

A weak tribute to the Oblation haha
I would definitely go around Manila again, even though I'm on my own. We got dead beat of walking and commuting under the tropical heat. But this trip was everything I loved, really. Vintage houses, Cathedrals, museums, archaeological and artistic objects and good never-been-tasted food. Tomorrow I'll be back to Cavite because finally we will have a family trip! Dad said he reserved a balsa ride or something at some lake, hiking up a mountain (oh, no) and beach trip. YAY. Regarding my support raising, I have had a lot of pledge already but there have been no deposits yet. I'm thankful of Kuya Lowie that he gave me contacts, as well as Mikka. I have a long way to go, to be honest. It really makes me want to panic, but I must really learn to rely on God for this. I get a lot of comments from people how it wouldn't be easy, but I have seen and heard surprising testimonies of how God worked through their support raising.

Where God guides, God provides.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, I was supposed to blog everyday about my summer, but going back to my hometown has its disadvantages. No Internet, no cable TV. However, what I did have were platefuls of food every meal, a kind house helper, DVDs, a father to drive you to malls, plenty of thrift shops, brothers and really good books! Not exactly the kind of summer that I expected but the "Summer Projects" are still going on. My summer project is to have different people teach me about different things. As I've mentioned before Day 1 was about Curling, the other days I completely forgot! Haha. It seemed so long ago. On top of my head, I have

1. Played Plants vs. Zombies, for the first time and slept in the wee hours of morning because of it. My younger brother who was patient and cruel at the same time told his classmates about me learning about this game like way too late!
2. Learned about investing in mutual funds. This is where Dad and I find our common ground. We talk about current events, cars (well he does most of the talking on that), politics and the economy. Stereotypically father-and-daughter yeah
3. Found a new place to shop for dresses, which is something I'm still trying my hand on. I've been bargain hunting for the past weeks but managed to stay within budget! This is something I enjoy but not indulge myself into. I know my limits ;)
4. Made pro-looking boxes out of folders (TA-DA!) for Flaired. At one night there was like a two-person mini-factory inside our house, with the printer chugging, cutting, taping and folding. Unpaid labor.
5. Watched I am Number Four, Suckerpunch and about 1/8 of The Black Swan (I stopped, I should've followed other people's advice haha) and others. I don't get to do these on school days
6. Read Dear Future Me, magazines and, really, a handful of finance-related books. I've also been trying to get my younger brother to teach me about accounting. I do these for leisure. I didn't really like fiction reading as pastime
7. Vlogging, actually, right here on my phone

Tomorrow I learn Photoshop and play football again! For the longest time I've been figuring out what to write here. I'm still trying to get used to being in Cavite. The summer basketball games in the subdivision ("liga") will start after Holy Week, which is something I look forward to. Those are the few non-NCAA/UAAP/friends' basketball games I ever watch. Neighborhood pride, that's why. My brother also plays there for the longest time since childhood. I've been noticing how the kids have grown in my hometown, including myself. I liked how there are new kids to take our place too.

Half of April has been good to me so far. In the next few days I'll share about support-raising.
As Nigahiga says, TEEHEE. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

What I Learned Today: Curling (Day 1)

Soccer/football and frisbee yesterday, biking today. I'm enjoying every moment of play!

Most of my hours are spent watching Kevjumba, Jumbafund and Nigahiga videos, reading books and blogs, pigging out, co-managing Flaired and at the same time, being hopeful for the summer. For some reason, I can't sit still. We only have two months to enjoy the free time, and I REALLY REALLY want it to be fruitful as a way of energizing myself for the next year. I think God is preparing me for a bigger field. So I'm going to share to you, hopefully, every day of this *productive* summer. Note that learning would be the main theme even without school.

So aside from hopping from one place to another to finish tasks (send something, meet someone, eat meals with people), I find myself enjoying every bit of today  instead of going home tired and drained. I love this feeling that we don't grow weary because we know we are doing something we love. That love is what propels us to act, that it never feels like work. It is action at ease. All I am praying for now is that God would direct this energy into something that would last and not burn out.

On the details side, what I learned today is how to use curling iron! See, I'm enrolling myself into these free summer workshops in which I ask my friends and family to teach me something they know that I don't (there are a LOT). So today, I asked Kri, Wes, CJ and Lyka to come over to our house to join. We have hair and curling iron and a 20" pizza (thanks Mom!) and a good amount of walk and talk for dinner. So basically what I learned is that

1. Wrap the hair firmly and completely, not letting it slide from the iron
2. Place the iron downwards (crucial!)
3. Don't be afraid of burning your fingers. They won't

I have this baby flat iron at home that I never use, so I guess we'll be bonding with each other more. I'll be packing it with me tomorrow as I come home to my hometown :)