Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuldukan ang Utak-Wangwang: PNoy's SONA

For some reason when the President started speaking, I took out my notebook and wrote a good 5-page tally of what he said. And it's not even required.

To be honest, his SONA left me feeling hopeful for our country, where negativity and criticism thrives (and sometimes with good reason). I found myself praying for this President I wasn't rooting for in the elections last year because I no longer wanted to see "intellectual" officials who dizzy and steal from us with fabulous technical terms. What I wanted to see was a leader with a vision, and just a while ago, when PNoy finished, I saw him as one.

Now I am not one who follows the every move of the nation (although I try reading the news everyday ever since I read "Who moved my cheese?" and although I should since my course is in the social sciences), but I can say that the message he left towards the end of his speech, which is to thank ordinary people for the service--people such as low-paid teachers, actually honest policemen and street sweepers--gave me some unexpected optimism. I mean I and a lot of people, I'm sure, are so used to experiencing corruption that we refuse to believe anyone who says they are going to fight it. We get cheated in our change, we're always in fear of having our possessions stolen, of getting raped  when we go home at night, of our taxes going to fund some bastard's mansion. There is such a low level of trust for other people, thus, more especially for the government and a call for the nation to trust them is a brave, to some extent, a foolish one. But it accounts for something and that is accountability on the president's part. He should know that in all the filthiness of society, he is responsible for it!

Noynoy's speech was undeniably mostly about idealism. I think majority of his speech were on general terms, condemning unnamed officials and less about his finished projects. Some people said expectations should be lowered for his first year, but I think high expectations should be kept mainly because the standards he has set, or what he campaigned for, is just as high if not higher. It was highly ambitious even to the point of being radical at this society!

Hearing him deliver the SONA made me mistaken him for someone part of the opposition because of the guts to go up against officials, and to many points he was. He was against those in his own administration who practice the so-called "utak wang-wang" or in English terms, corruption mentality (Wang-wang is a slang term for sirens some  ineligible government officials use when they are on the streets, giving them privilege in the traffic over the masses). Still, it goes back to the results that he lacked in showing (or bringing, altogether?). As I listen to him I hoped that he would accomplish these things that he has promised. He and the rest of the nation, sometimes against each other, are on a battle against corrupted minds. It is not only in the government, but also in the private sector, and many other sectors in the every day.

While I critique him for laying less of the results and some other critiques, on the fallacy of them, I would not be one to say that what he is saying is impossible. I guess I'd rather hope for good results than think that he would not be able to deliver any of them for the next 5 years. The first year should be judged, but the rest of his term should not be prophesied or catastrophized in advance. To me with the benefits of the CCT (in education and health for the poor), the housing for 4,000 policemen, the stability of the peso, the upgrades acknowledged internationally, the high investment rating, the heavy pressure for local agencies, he has done significant things in his year's term. So far I haven't even heard anyone tell him to resign too. Results, be it in corruption or positive improvements, are never partial because its effects are impartial. But his promises and threats should not remain so. Development should be felt by the man on the street and criminals condemned should be punished, and so far I don't think not a lot of this happened.

I like his SONA and his vision for the Philippines, and I think it's a good measure that he is not going to be reelected for him to say and do so, but I am hoping for more results in his administration because this is a better measure for his legitimacy. The list of improvement never ends in a country like ours. If he is in a good fight, I think Filipinos should support him and intensely pressure him to continue at it same time. We should be into this fight that never finishes, and I think it entails more action than reaction for both parties. PNoy should not rest in the next 5 years. And neither should we.

PS. Also, let's stop armchair criticism. What have YOU done that is actually beneficial for the country?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Not all the magic has left our world

I know! I've been too lazy to blog!

Thursday is continuing its fellowship. We started really rough this semester. Many times I tried blogging about it, but it all ended up as Drafts. The challenge has always been present, but to be a leader gives you a different perspective about it. I'm glad to see how these bring out the people who are willing to stay through the fire

I'm loving my two consecutive, spontaneous Fridays
I've also started a new blog of a different theme (see the sidebar).

What has been being emphasized to me the past few days is to GO FOR IT (how vague that sounds, no?)
I'm just trying to simplify how I think.
The little things amounting to bigger ones is something that's not new to God.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wanted: Wider Photodumps

It's been a week :)

 I've been bringing JJ to school,

 experimenting with spinach leaves and rose buds,

 aperture and shutter speed,

 even making poor attempts at Tumblr-ish photos.

I haven't been so obsessed with the new camera. In fact it stays home or goes away with my brother most of the time. Already there are more than a hundred photos in storage I'm too lazy to upload at my own page.

Having a brother in the house isn't that easy. I get to share everything. My room, my laptop, my one time even my shirt and backpack! It's a little crazy. There are times when I get provoked into doing something "bratty-sister-ly" like changing the password of my laptop or forbidding him to take the camera during the times when (ex1) he didn't even share a small pack of cereals or (ex2) he stomped his way just because the gate was locked when he arrived (at past 10). My inside temper flares for a sec. But then it doesn't explode. I don't know if I'm spoiling Ral by doing this, but yessss. We can't keep on doing things we used to do. I'm an older sister, and a mature one at that.

And by bribing him into taking the camera for a day, I was able to share with him. :-)

PS: REALLY THINKING about switching blogs. Wordpress has better features and I can't find blogspot layouts that expands picture sizes. The margins are always big (observe: 2" left and right!)! My HTML knowledge is just as limited as my first wave of patience. Aaand I gotta do that summer project I failed to do :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

We Stopped Counting the Days

Sometimes I find quietness so exciting
I don't know how to say it

PS. Think I need to change my almost 3 year old layout coz the pictures're too small!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A promise of color

There was some lady on a dress and a backpack carrying a heavily-taped, bubble-wrapped package around the mall... holding it like it was a baby, hoping nobody would suspect it for a bomb.

She couldn't say that picking up the order was remarkably exciting, similar to receiving a brand new Christmas present in July. It more seemed like getting back something that had already belonged to her.

The package sat down on the table as she came home. In fact it did for the longest time. The only time she took out a cutter and ripped of the wrappings was until all the other chores were settled.

A box emerged beneath the thick layers of plastic, inside it a camera bag, lots of manuals in Japanese and mini-boxes containing the body and the lens and the battery.

She patiently, as if a ritual, attached each part to the other until a strap fits right into her neck and she got the feel of the most expensive thing she ever bought using her own money.

It almost felt like it's hung there before.

(Most of all, she called it JJ.)