Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Business

HEY! It has been eternity since I have last posted here. First of all, I got lucky that I enlisted summer classes. I got World Lit (which has always been my favorite) and Psychology 101. There was a time that I regretted getting summer classes because they really were a hassle. You take a subject worth about four months for only one! Imagine that we have exams and papers every single week.

But I am glad that I was with my churchmates most of the time, hanging out, practicing, fixing Hope. Hope is our immersion program this May 20th for seven days in Laguna to live with Ondoy victims from long ago. We aim to train youth leaders, and I was in the prayer committee. At first I thought that this ain't a big job, but it actually is. Also, there is a need for us to really commit to the music team. I'm not that good in singing or guitars, but we are short of manpower since two of our veteran musicians will step down. AND THE PICTURE ABOVE! Is Krizia and me. We have a summer business with CJ, focused on hair extensions. :) You may visit the site here, and PLEASE DO :) We need traffic.

Anyway, I still haven't gone anywhere near the pool, unfortunately because of being busy of summer activities. But my friends and my family and I are going out soon. Summer classes are over next week! TOODLES! Till next time! [and yez, do check us out:)]