Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Soak up the Sun

School's Out!

I'm in crossroads, planning to shift to Psychology. And God I just saw the curriculum and it challenged me... Stat, calculus, biology, chemistry, etc. etc.?! Can I seriously handle that? Can I seriously risk getting delayed, perhaps from Law school for Psychology? I love that course. I really do, and I'm so enthusiastic about it. But I also know that college ain't no idealistic. It's not like we're going to study Pop Psychology that you see on in TV.

This summer I'm planning to study still. Dad didn't allow me so I might just provide the tuition fee and the allowance for myself. I don't know how the hell I'll do it, but I'll find the money. I'm suuuure.

My friends and I are also going to start a business. Seriously. I'll promote it once it's existent. Right now we have to hurry because summer is just two months.

Then on May we'll have Hope where we'll stay to help victims of the last last typhoon. We shouldn't forget.

YES. Not a part of this blog are the gimmicks and the beach-trips. Not yet anyway but it'll happen!