Saturday, March 27, 2010


I was asked by the host of my debut about how it felt like to be turning 18, and I guess I wasn't able to say anything much. HAHA. To tell you the truth, it was normal. I invited a lot of people in my party and plenty of them weren't able to come. I can't blame them because I celebrated in Antipolo which was a bit far off from Manila, Laguna or Cavite. But all the people that I WANTED to be there were there! :D

Aside from my birthday this March, my two brothers will also graduate, so it's more of a family party. I'm glad that my relatives were there. I have NEVER celebrated a brithday with them, I think. My aunts, uncles and grandparents were there. So sorry that my deceased Lolo wasn't able to see this but it's all right. :) My ever-so important high school friends were there. The hell. I realized that I've celebrated my 15th, 16th, 17th and now the 18th with them. I never thought that it's possible to really grow up with your friends. I transfer schools a lot, see and when I do, I lose contact. But when I met them I just know that we're going to be friends until we're older coz they are the people I can go through anything with.. a few drinking sessions, personal confessions, summer getaways, even simple hang outs. My churchmates were also there and YES once again I saw the people I know I would grow up with! I wanted them to own the party because they are the ones really important in my life and will be in the next years to come.

Well those cliches of "You're a woman now" doesn't really work on me. I guess I think of maturity as a day-to-day basis. A lot has changed during the years of my life. First of all, I never thought I'd be living in Rizal, not in my wildest imagination. Second, I never thought I'd be in UP, because I didn't even know UP until I was in 4th year high school. And lastly, I never thought that God would bless me with these people I know I can rely on. I love you all! There will be more things to celebrate with you guys. :)

Hair and make-up by Franck Provost
I forgot the brand of my gown. V something
Hair extensions by
business partners this summer :))

Monday, March 8, 2010

What's up with March?

I made that picture this afternoon and it's another pokerface. Haha. IT IS REALLY HOT IN HERE. A few months ago lots of properties were destroyed due to the flood that typhoons brought. And now lots of crops are destroyed due to the heat. WTF... This weekend I've finished studying Stat, three chapters of it. I still find it quite amusing to learn Cramer's V, Spearman's rho, phi, lambda, gamma, etc. (all sounding so "smart" but not really) because I haven't encountered them before. Used to think they were just variables in Physics. Sadly this is one of the last math subjects (I think) I'll take for my course. Now I understand that you'll really miss what you don't study a lot, and you'll get tired of what you're studying, that is, your major subjects. Anyway, it's March and in three weeks the school year will end! This month will be hectic because of the final exams and other requirements. But this is a great month too because my two brothers are graduating from high school and college (I'm the middle child) and because there are some debuts to attend to since there are a lot of March celebrants, including ME! I'm turning 18. Owee. :D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Juan Tama

I watched a play from PETA today: Si Juan Tamad, ang Diablo at ang Limang Milyong Boto. Juan Tamad is a famous character of Filipino folktales, and here he is depicted as a first-time voter who doesn't have much motivation to be part of the electoral process in Isla Filiminimon (sounds familiar?) He was raised by a helluva grandmother and a group of young friends who motivates him to register and vote, to be one of the estimated five million "virgin voters", to take part of the carnival that the political scene is. But there is a "diablo" in a form of a magician who constantly calls him to be apathetic like he always was. The theme was very timely since election is just months away, and it is definitely for the youth. It presented a lot of characters that are visible in mass media today.

Lining up to register really is a hard task. Most voters also register near the deadline, causing so much distress that one would really ask, "Is it worth it?" to believe that a single vote would matter? I know because I was of those who did. The play answers YES (taking that into account, maybe they should have staged the play earlier, during the months of the registration period) it's worth it.

What I liked about the plot was that Juan Tamad continued his efforts even after the elections. Even if the candidate he voted for didn't win, his friends and grandma claimed that youth participation does not end there. As the lola said, candidates and politicians come and go, but we are the only one to stay. It was easy to participate in elections and other societal activities if you have a lot at stake, and those who have a lot at stake are those who have everything to lose: the minorities. The youth belongs to the minority of voters that's why each vote really count. For some reason, I think second to courting the poor is courting the youth. Some political ads are hip and catchy, and a plausible platform for a candidate really is student's rights to education, protecting the youth from abuse, investing for the next or future generation, etc. Our demands does and should speak in volumes, and true, it does not end after you shade circles on May. What are we to do? They say to stay informed, to be participative and be honest is the best way. In class we used to subject those thoughts to demystification, to think that individual action does not always cause social change even if it has good intentions. Unless of course, there is significant social action that is done. Then, significant social action it iz!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Forever from now On

I am so happy for Ate Flo and Kuya Melvs. :) They just got married yesterday. Before that, there was pre-wedding party where they shared the celebration with the church, their friends and ministry partners. For some reason a part of all the cynicism disappeared when I heard their testimonies. Their path was not an easy one to take. Both are full-time workers, and I think are the founders, of our young, small and growing church. I haven't been on Stillwaters that long for me to witness their story unfortunately. But I have witnessed their relationship as they were engaged and it has really set up a standard to me. A love that centers on Christ. It just amazes me that such beautiful thing exists despite all the shits we've seen and heard and experienced. This was something real. Gives me hope.

:D Btw, I don't have a GMH account. :))