Thursday, December 31, 2009


photo shot by Jethro

Tomorrow we wake up to find December called in another name, planners and calendars thrown out, drunk and tired people asleep till noon, and paper and powder on the streets as remnants of what has been the night before. Everything will be just a day older.

But tonight there will be lights up the sky, neighbors pouring out on the streets jumping and throwing firecrackers, friends greeting each other, a table full of festive food. Between the time of yesterday and tomorrow, I have today, December 31, the last day of the year to think about what has happened 525, 600 minutes ago. What made my year were certainly an overflow of "new". It was never the same as the previous year. I can see it myself: THIS YEAR WAS WAAAY BETTER.

Hope 2010 will be too! HAHA. :D Happy New Year! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009


photo shot by Wesley

2:30 AM onwards is starting to be my bedtime.. There's something about the night that brings people closer. Nighttime is associated not only with peaceful sleep, but also with crimes, accidents and vulnerability of alcohol, parties and blood. It takes trust and effort to stay with a person late at night, sincerity that you never have during the day, intimacy and deeply-felt emotions, maybe even irrationality (because of the time?). Remember how in school, the real time when you and your classmates bonded was when you were staying overnight finishing a project instead of seeing each other daily? That's why I really choose nighttime to get things done.. homework, reviewing, being with people. I'd rather be out or awake at night and asleep in the morning.


By Jayesslee on Youtube. My current favorite. :) Check out their Officially Missing You cover

Three days left before Christmas! My friend who browsed through my camera found last Christmas' pictures (yeah, they're still there even though I've uploaded it). I'm at awe when I am reminded of what Christmas was like last year, the people I was with during December such as my dormmates, and the things I was doing, like going on an overnight for presswork and sleepwalking because of fatigue. :)) Now the people and what I'm doing are different. Sometimes, we just can't help rediscovering ourselves and our friends. I'm surprised at how much relationships and trends have changed -- improved or otherwise. And I am even more thrilled of what will happen next year. I just realized that happiness is a choice. But we depend it on events, people, things that change. God is called the rock because if one place our happiness on him, we place it on ground that will never change, only rediscovered over and over again. My Christmas wish is that I learn that, because I kept placing happiness on people when they won't always satisfy me. Only Him... MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pre-Break, Post-School

This week was one of the best, primarily coz there was less academic work but school is still in the picture. Last Tuesday was my exam in Stat and the Oblation Run. When the drums started beating, it was hard to concentrate! Haha good thing I was almost finished. That was basically masked and naked fraternity guys running around Palma Hall, carrying placards of what they're advocating.. a form of protest. Though it's an annual tradition, everyone was still wide-eyed, smiling. Christmas shopping afterwards.

We attended the simbang gabi in Ateneo last Wednesday just like we did last year. Then yesterday was another annual event in UP which was my first, the Lantern Parade. Every college has floats and lanterns, but of course the finale was Fine Arts. They had this huge white elephant float, giant halo-halo float, a very long blue dragon float, and a float looking like Manny Pacquiao and Aling Dionisia. What the. Haha. Afterwards we went to UST for Paskuhan, counting down to the 400 days before their 400 years. There were celebrities and a lot of people, everyone waiting for this Amazing fireworks display by midnight. :D

School has ended this year, but that doesn't mean we won't be busy.
Broke, maybe.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Death by Kindness

At about 11:30pm me and my friend will be leaving for another party and you had that look of pain-slash-disapproval on your face. If you were a parent, I could've sworn you wouldn't allow me to go, but you are not, so you just tried your best to walk us out without stopping us. You quietly say, "Don't drink and take care," advising to take a cab instead, but I say that we don't have the luxury so we'll just commute. As we were walking to the station to find our way to a place we don't know before, I felt the thrill and the irony of what we were doing, and I felt sorry for your concern, I wish you weren't because you'll be disappointed.

We ride back to school. Despite the lateness it was still traffic, lampless streets, gates closed, there were no jeeps inside, we were texting our friend for mixed-up directions, rode jeeps after jeeps, crossed roads, asked for directions from strangers, and finally got financially fooled by the taxi driver before we got there. The event was finished by the time we arrived, people are on the dancefloor. Of course it was smoky and our pal from there asked us to drink (like what friends do?). Meanwhile, you were telling me to take a cab on our way back and you'll pay for it, to text the plate number of the cab, and constantly, to go back because it's late already. I don't know if I should be mad for the seemingly disturbing texts, but I wasn't. It was a late night just like any other late night but you make it look like a big deal and for that I was thankful.. in a weird way.

By the time we took a cab back, I felt ashamed when you got out the gate and looked at the taxi meter and paid. I was laughing for that and you thought we were drunk but we aren't, we didn't even drink a lot. I was even ashamed that I probably smelled like cigarette, and so at the washroom I changed clothes and put perfume on my hair and skin like it was filth I had to wash out. Everybody watched the movie lying at the carpeted floor of the AV room and sometime at 3am, fell asleep. A friend shared a blanket but it was hard without a pillow under the head. Then as if somebody read my mind, someone put a pillow on my head. I mumbled a half-awakened thank you and went back to sleep. At the morning, I discovered the pillow was yours.

Thank you. Why are you so kind?

picture from here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bottomline Is

Margaret Atwood said that there is basically a single predictable ending. Only, the writer chooses to expand the plot to keep you hanging on. Weird as it may sound, I used to like stories that are good all the way. I hate twisting plots. HAHA. But now I realized that really a good story consists of an up and down motion. I loved today because every single hour is filled with just that, from school hours: Stat, PE, Kas, Span, to breaks, the in-betweens, to the kris kringle and to a presentation practice by nighttime.

Tonight was also my church's kris kringle. The twist: you can either "steal" someone's opened gift or open a gift yourself. I stole someone's gift, then that object got stolen from me, then I chose to just open a gift and I opened a really depressing gift---some tissue paper holder that looked like a dog's shirt. And something with a passage you're supposed to hang on walls. OWWMANN. Obviously, I didn't like it. But I'm stuck with it because nobody would want to steal it.. :(

The ending? Friend stole it on purpose so that I can be given a chance to have a better gift. What the... Kindmuch! So I stole the book The Giver coz I haven't read it yet, but in the end, it was stolen and replaced with a really pretty hardbound journal (exactly what I needed to make a comeback to the notebook method :]). So all that winding up... ended nicely. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STEALING. I almost wanted to cry and take it back and be ashamed of quietly hating it. Hahaha.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


HELLO! December brings the Baguio feeling. I wanna wear boots to school, no matter how wannabe that sounds. And I'm trying to save up just now for Christmas presents. I love coming home late because of the cold, music, Christmas lights and people. The holidays are the best. :) It seemed that even Profs share the spirit by dismissing us early and not giving us work for the vacation (well so far) and everyone is partying and having fun.

I'll be spending Christmas day in Cavite. Sigh. If I have one wish, I wish we'd spend it somewhere else... somewhere with snow? Haha. I also hope all the tradition would work out traditionally. You know what I mean, that there are no calamities, fights, accidents or bombings. Coz while celebrating, everybody feels and expects to be safe..

Friend came to the house tonight. Remember the semi-permanent extensions? They didn't work out. One morning it looked like my hair had a rat for breakfast--can't straighten the ball out! It happened in the middle of the week, good thing we were able to remove it before I'm off to class. People are really getting weirded out over my weekly-long-short hair. Now he came to give me a replacement... clip-ins, which looked prettier. :) We took pictures for his site and he had me try on the curly and super-long ones. Oh wow. Perfect. But I had the simpler version of a 20" straight that's curl-able anyway. Perfect timing.