Friday, November 27, 2009

Broken Rose-colored Glasses

In Literature and Society, Salvador Lopez was saying that time will come that a writer would want to crumble his Ivory Tower and write something that could serve a purpose. One day, he'll get tired of writing about beauty and pursue something more realistic and truthful. I was eager, when I joined a publication, to write about something really beautiful. And then as I was already faced with the task, I realized that writing about beautiful, imaginative stuff worthy of being called Literature (with a capital L) is not-so beautiful coz it seemed devoid of common sense, ignorant (meaning, ignoring) of the obvious, untimely for what is currently happening, limiting its power to truly affect people and make sense.

It sucks to be interpreted way before you explain. To be built a wall or painted an image before you speak. It's hard to have so many people assuming what it's like. We cannot love what we do not know. But most people who surround me are allergic to the word God and are doubtful of me joining a church.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Reality for a Change

Literally, unfortunately.

I'm starting to hate this blog because of its optimism. Guess when you're feeling angsty and confused, seeing this green page screaming with "Think Positive!" can get SO annoying.

I got issues to deal with, and the issue that's been bothering me for months now is something of the heart. LONG STORY. Bottom line is, I'm starting to hate love songs for no particular reason, and there is a twitch every time I see people happy together because I think, why can't we? What a stupid feeling. But that's the (ugly) truth. Why can't things work out well after you put a huge amount of effort for it?

I watched New Moon tonight and thought the script and acting was sloppy. Of course, like any reader, I'd say the book was better -- but only for a small difference (I know I'd still read and watch Eclipse anyway). The story was supposed to be about two people who'd do anything for each other. But the relationship was challenged by themselves. I guess that word always exists when you want something or someone so bad: Challenge. A great, big challenge that may or may not be worth it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My old "painting" at the dorm, back when I was GC. Haha!

First week of school is well, although I can't deny the fact that this is probably one of the hardest sems I'll have. One of the most stressful too, because everyday my dismissal is at 5:30pm, and at that time it's hard to find a ride home.

Embarrassingly, I have no background in Stat. HAHA. I had two schools during high school, first one had Stat on its third year curriculum, and the second one had Stat on its second year. So, I missed both! But I'm glad I have math this sem. Good luck..

This gives me headache. Last subject during Fridays and afterwards, though we haven't seriously discussed yet, I feel dizzzzzy.

We've only met once. Let me see tomorrow. I think the Prof is cool, and she has a lot of former students in the class. Maybe they really picked her, so that's a positive sign. I know no one in this class yet.

I'm glad I've studied Spanish before, and my seatmates are cooool. :D

It's just fun that for a change we wear skirts and 3-inch heels during PE. The Prof is internationally prominent, and we are required to watch Philippine Star Ball during Feb before Valentines' Day. It's a formal event. WEE. I just wish I'd learn how to dance Rumba, Jive, Cha cha cha and Samba coz his subject is a bit strict. With reports and exams before moving on. Oh noo. Haha.

Yay. It's been a while since I've studied Philippine History. Maybe this time I'll get to know it better. I need it for completion of Philippine studies and it's also a requirement for law in UP. Hope I ace it. My prof is my prof in SOSC 3. Now I know how differently he approaches things. It's a bit harder that way because he often calls my name and I must not get embarrassed. Maybe I should get used to it.

Sem so far? Not so good. I need study habits. Maybe a time off Internet is good, but of course I get busy with other things.. Haha. Christmas is coming! :D I'm also thinking of something very sad these past weeks, but I can't put it to words still. Coming soon.. :\

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The World is Flat.. NOT

I think I used to be good in drawing, but not so now. What I did learn about it is that the stuff you draw should look 3D. It should look real, you should be able to imagine it moving, or its sides and curves and details. When you draw an arm, for example, it should not only be a simple straight line below the shoulder. It has curves and creases by the elbows. You can only draw something well if you can visualize it in your head. Our imaginations are not detailed, though. Sometimes we need to see what we are going to draw with our own eyes.

Why am I saying this? And why is that video up there? HAHA. I'm addicted to Super Junior's It's You. SJ is a Kpop group. And before you agree with my Mom and younger brother (who finds liking them silly, who probably thinks their faces are the same and who doesn't bother seeing their music videos), you should see them. Wrong visualization = wrong drawings. Same goes with everything. It's the good old rule about book covers. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sem Starter

Sembreak was full and my pocket is not. HAHA. One time I was even asking money from Dad to go to the Internet cafe. Poverty. HAHA. Having no internet compelled me to read three novels last few weeks, Stephenie Meyer's New Moon and two Mitch Albom novels (boring Five People You Meet in Heaven and good For One More Day) that was lying around the house. Mitch Albom is really into topics about death and dying. I wonder why. I got to see my grandparents of both sides too. Well, at least one's grave.

Yesterday I came from an overnight at a friend's house and it was a really nice and last carefree day. I also had my hair extensions attached by another friend before that, and I'm still on the process of getting used to them. Some friends blogged about their first sem, but there's something about last sem: I tended to forget its details even though I know what happened. This is probably one of the good things about college: Always new.. subjects, profs, classmates, twice a school year. Just when you thought a sem has gone bad, you have a new sem to face. The sad part is that it's hard to look for permanence, but I have found lots of people that will stay. Eyes off endings. First day tomorrow! :D